Monday, February 1, 2016

Imagine an all-female Presidential Ticket

As voters head out for the Iowa caucuses and the Presidential elction year bakeoff begins, RantWoman offers idiosyncratic commentary:

Awhile ago on Facebook, someone RantWoman knows was FACETIOUSLY considering tossing her hat into the ring as (yet another) Republican candidate for President. This friend was looking for running mates. She Liked RantWoman's suggestion that she should aim to have at least as many running mates as she would have competitors in the Republican primary. RantWoman offered to be one of this Cast of Thousands.

RantWoman is not really worried she is going to be called to serve. In fact, the exchange prompted RantWoman to think in a different direction.

What if the goal is women at the top of BOTH parties' tickets?

RantWoman has been cautiously tossing around pairings. So far the possibilities include:

The Battle of the Secretaries of State:
Condolezza Rice vs Hillary Clinton
Why should Condi mess around with an academic post or, say, Commisioner of the NFL when she could be Commander in Chief?
We already know Hillary is interested.
What would this ticket do for America's presence in the world?

Clash of the Financial Titans:
Carly Fiorina vs Elizabeth Warren
Ohhh the possibilities.

The Good Candidates because, besides boundless respect from RantWoman they have shown no signs of being interested ticket
Sandra Day O'Connor vs Michelle Obama

The Lipstick on a Pit Bull / Song and Dance Ticket.
Sarah Palin vs Beyoncé.
RantWoman regularly performs the thought exercise of considering in what ways knowing how to field-dress a moose might impact statecraft. RantWoman would not mind fewer opportunities to think of the issue but since Sarah Palin persists in public presence, RantWoman is happy to award her a place on a fictitious fantasy Presidential ticket
RantWoman really does not know very much about Beyoncé except a few notes from Wikipedia including the important fact that by the November election, she will be old enough to be President. RantWoman has the impression she can also hold intelligent conversation about other topics besides field-dressing wildlife.

How will the results of these tickets be determined?

Since none of these races are likely to occur in any actual polling place, RantWoman is going to pick some sort of quantitative data stream from the internet with data about each candidate, maybe search engine results, maybe...  and report from time to time.

Stay tuned.

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