Sunday, June 22, 2014

Citations. Blueberry Syrup. Batman

RantWoman is reflecting on a story she heard recently on her public radio station. The story is about publication of doctors' billings through Medicare and about a guy who has created a website to give seniors what they want. RantWoman did not have a writing implement handy when the story aired and the website has some generic name that RantWoman will have trouble fishing for with a search engine.

For amusement RantWoman started by putting one of the takeaway phrases from the story "Make the print really big" into her preferred search engine. As with the find the content in one's own language, one quite frequently would need to know how to make the print big just to read the search engine results, but never mind for now.

The story is, economists, technologists, point-headed bean counters assume that if doctors' billing data is published, PATIENTS will go look for the most efficient doctor. The guy featured in the story found out, by hanging out among all the seniors who dine at IHOP wiht his 4-year-old in a batman suit, that people tend to like their doctors. Plus changing doctors is a big pain. So, no, people are not necessarily motivated by the release of vast oceans of new data.

And the next learning: people want information about procedures they might be facing and choices.

And they want the print Really Big, both on the screen and when things get printed out!

And they really like the blueberry syrup!

Let's hear it for giving people what they want!

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