Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Skype instant translation might not save us: #hackforchangeSea followup

RantWoman finally went and read or tried to read the article in Forbes about Skype and machine translation.

RantWoman tried to read in too much of a hurry and got lost in all the content her screen reader sometimes reads that RantWoman does not really care about. Sigh.

RantWoman gets that the demo is in German. RantWoman's command of German runs heavily to Bach choral texts and a smattering of other terminology. RantWoman is in no position to evaluate the Skype demo. RantWoman is also a machine translation skeptic.

Plus, at National Day of Civic hacking, RantWoman was not relaly looking for machine translation vaporware. RantWoman is looking for easy ways for people whose first language is not English to find the professionally translated content that is already out there. Word

But RantWoman had good conversations and appreciated lunch!

RantWoman also rates the serving utensils has greatly improved over another Hackathon from awhile ago.

Upo n further mature consideration, RantWoman is wondering how well relying only on Skype would hold up in domains where there are few speakers of a language and the content even of something like a customer service encounter can be idiosyncratic. If RantWoman is going to wonder about this, perhaps she should go do some research her own darn self.


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