Monday, March 10, 2014

Just what the world needs: another dang RantWoman blog

This blog is RantWoman's electronic notebook related to participation in technical and open data Meetups and hackathons.

RantWoman aspires to create:
--A place RantWoman can reliably find things she has done previously in a format she is familiar with and does not have to spend a lot of time learning a zillion different interfaces.

--links she can use in other fora when she has more than 1000 characters of something to say.

--tags that are clean and correct use of technical terms rather than the eccentric and idiosyncratic tags used on RantWoman's other blogs, findable through RantWOman's profile.

--clear explanations when RantWoman despite her sincere efforts otherwise winds up creating some off-the-wall eccentric tag after all.

--content that is reasonably comprehensible to an audience that might not care about all the outrageous opinions RantWoman voices in her other blogs.

--technically themed tags for some entries in RantWoman's other blogs.

--concise resources for people RantWoman keeps wanting to introduce to the big bad world of accessibility. RantWoman notes: the aim for this blog is not always global accessibility but sometimes only the accessibility needed for RantWoman to collaborate and contribute.

--A bridge where people whose lived experience qualifies them as subject matter experts can find ways to talk to hackers and coders and people wanting to make a difference.

--Hopefully also a fun and constructive read.

RantWoman, why do you talk about yourself in the third person?
--I don't know. I might figure out how to stop, but sometimes the in-person version manages NOT to say all the things that come into RantWoman's head.
--Sometimes I need plausible deniability when for instance I am collaborating with people under my  own name whom RantWoman would definitely make nervous or in some professional capacity where real names are required.

Why RantWoman?
I am really fond of my given name because I was named after two wonderful women. So I do not want to give it up. However, it is just awkward sometimes.

But don't you worry that "RantWoman" will scare people?
Sometimes. RantWoman is fond of telling people just to cope.

#codeacross #codeacrossSea #HackAgainstHomelessness #a11y

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