Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#openstreetmap notes March 5

Thought questions:
--How might routings based on #openstreetmap use info from Metro accountability center
--Imagine n ontology based on federated data where aps as above use equivalent sources from other jurisdictions where applicable.
--apps might generate routing suggestions with options to drill down and see waht data is included and MAYBE insert urls to add info and recalculate.
--Estimated time interval to travel for chosen configuration of travelers
--Probability of getting there in specified interval.
Notes from March 5 Meetup:

Plenty of interesting stuff even though I don't write code anymore.
Tonight chatted up Al Boss about a report King County does on paper about ACCESS paratransit. Transit Advisory Commission would like most of the time to see only about 10-15 numbers off a report that is UGLY and has acres of numbers in tiny print. Probably also would like to see the current narrative.

Point of this request is for public to monitor ACCESS performance issues, maybe see if Metro is getting handle on high cost / ride and on customer satisfaction issues.
Al suggests getting the numbers into so public can create custom view and doing something else I did not fully track to keep the narrative linakable with each month's numbers. Stay tuned.

This is no big giant global ontology mumblety mumblety  but here's hoping it would be getting the right data into people's hands so the public can act on the information.

Anyway great conversation and followup email already sent to get ball rolling further.

Postscript: here is link to Metro Accountability Center.

Worthwhile just to pick some measures and have human eyes look at for a few months and see what suggests itself.

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