Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mechanical Turk to end homelessness

Note from March 19 Meetup:

RantWoman does not remember name of guy who wants to pitch at Startup Weekend about some kind of brokering system to plug homeless people into Mechanical Turk.

Maybe RantWoman is misstating the idea but at the moment RantWoman is wondering what sort of human interventions would make this seem doable and interesting to people who are homeless and how this would contribute to a pathway away from homelessness. Who might support people working this way and help them on their path out of homelessness?

RantWoman notes two interesting facts in Seattle:

--There IS a housing option for "chronic inebriates." Anecdotally, many of the people who have gotten placed there, as soon as they had confidence in the stability of the situation, have realized they are interested in treatment and in other steps.

--What interventions that are new and different might cut down the reasons peole cycle in and out of homelessness?

--What would be the increased purchasing power / increased access to housing effects of raising the minimum wage?

--RantWoman notes a conversation from an earlier meetup. RantWoman is part of a worshipping community that houses a SHARE shelter. RantWoman had a conversation with someone else who noted that not every homeless person is digitally excluded. For some homeless people, KEY gear include a laptop, a good raincoat, and some kind of good bag or backpack.

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